Welcome to the Sisters of the Sea Mermaid Competition!

We are so excited to have you join us!

Mermaids/Mermen & Sirens of all ages are welcome!


Grand Prize:
Mermaid Crown, Mermaid Discovery Class, and Winning Photo

(Ages 6-12)
Create your own Mersona (mermaid personality) and a costume to match
You will be judged on the creativity of your costume and how well it matches your mersona.


Grand Prize:

Mermaid Crown, Winning photo, and Mermaid Swag 

(Ages 13-17)


Costume Contest

Create your own costume! You will be judged on creativity and originality

Grand Prize:

Mermaid Crown, Mermaid Swag, Winning photo, and $50 gift certificate

(Ages 18+)

Create your own costume! You will be judged on creativity and originality

*The contest consists of three preliminary rounds (6/23, 7/21, 8/25) with the pageant finale on 9/22/18. The top finalists of each qualifying round will move to the pageant finale.

The winners of the pageant finale will be brought on board the parade float for the Pirates of the High Seas Fest (TBD)*

**Please try to use as many handmade items as possible, alterations to bought items is also acceptable.**

Registration Form

Contest Rules & Regulations

1. Each contestant may only enter one costume into competition.

2. Each contestant is responsible for their own costume and props.

3. Handmade/altered Costumes are recommended 

4. No explosive or other similar special effects are allowed.

5. No messy substances are allowed.

6. If you are in a non-walking costume please provide your own transportation/mer-tendant.

Sisters of the Sea will not be available to provide one for you.

7. Every part of each contestant’s costume must leave with him or her after the walk-on is completed.

8. No profanity, political, or religious statements or signage are allowed during the contest.

9. This is family friendly, but skimpy costumes are permitted for ages 18+. 

The amount of coverage comparable to typical swimwear is fine.

If planning a skimpy or delicate costume it is recommended that you take extra precautions, 

beneath the costume to avoid exposing yourself.

 ​​Have fun!